Real Estate Attorney

Why do I need a Real Estate Attorney

Buying a home can be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. There is a lot of issues to navigate, including negotiation of the contract, home inspection problems, financing terms, title insurance, and the final settlement statement. While you are not obligated to seek legal assistance, you are well served by having an experienced guide and advocate assisting you. 

Selling a home can be just as stressful as you navigate through negotiations of the contract, inspection repairs, title work, and closing deed transfer.

As a homeowner, I understand how stressful buying or selling a home can be. I like to treat all my clients as if it was my home to make sure they are given exceptional quality care throughout the entire process: contract reviews and negotiations, home inspection issues, title review and closings. Each step of the way, I will offer my assitance to guide you.




Buying a Home

I.  Initial Attorney Contract Review

II.  Mortgage Application

III.  Home Inspection Contingencies

IV.  Title Search and Insurance

V.  Post-Commitment review and Home owners Insurance

VI.  Date for Closing of Title and closing costs

VII.  Closing Disclosure


Selling a Home

I.  Negotiating the terms of the Contract of Sale.

II.  Procuring the Municipal Certificate of Occupancy

III.  Procuring a Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide       Certificates

IV.  Negotiating home inspection issues/repairs

V.  Clearing any and all title issues arising from the       examination of the homes title search

VI.  Preparation of all title transfer documents


Property tax determined by these factors

  • The cost of municipal and county programs and services
  • The cost of your local public schools
  • The availability of other revenue to cover those costs
  • The extent of the presence of tax-exempt properties in your municipality
  • The total value of all the taxable properties in your municipality
  • The market value of the property that you own (assessment)